Training YOU to Rescue Children

from Human Trafficking

The Problem

Children are Sold and Abused

Millions of children are victims of human trafficking. They are exploited, abused and raped by paying customers. Those customers are primarily men. They prey on vulnerable children for their pleasure. These men are not good because good men would never abuse children. 

It is time for good men to stand up and take action! is building an army of good men willing to stand up and fight for these children. These trained men can serve as burn agents to be used in trafficking cases around the world or gain full-time employment with various rescue agencies around the world.

What We Do

Rescue Training Experience provides a 7-day, 6-night rescue training experience that trains you in key areas of rescue work. The training happens hands-on inside of bars, beer gardens and sex establishments in Thailand or other locations as directed. Depending on potential real, active cases, participants may assist in raid operations conducted with local law enforcement agencies.


What do you learn?

Rescue Operation Policies

Body Language Cues

Evidence Gathering

Case Building

Undercover Surveillance

GPS Mapping


Situational Awareness

Dry Buy Operations

About Us

Passion. Experience. Results. was founded by Tony Kirwan, founder of Destiny Rescue, and Mike Jones, Destiny Rescue’s International Rescue Director.

With more than 30 years of combined work experience in the human trafficking sector, they have a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion to be shared with those who want to fight this evil. They have helped rescue thousands of victims, performed hundreds of raids, and trained hundreds of rescue personnel around the world.

Their goal is to train 1000 new agents that can be used in trafficking cases worked by organizations worldwide.

Will you be one of the 1000?

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“This has been one the most awesome experiences of my life. I have been a tactical person involved in private investigations and surveillance throughout my career. Everything in this course is next level.”

Ricki – participant

“This was life changing. The course exceeded my expectations. I have learned new skills I have never had before. It is real on-the-job training. Rewarding and challenging from day one.”

Joey- participant

“Incredible. My background is in law enforcement, military, and government contracting. This training allowed me to be side by side with people doing rescue work and to learn what is needed to rescue kids and take bad people off the streets. This training is exactly what I’ve been looking for the last few years.”

Zak- participant

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